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Ethereal Mechanics

This is the next evolution of New Electromagnetism.

This paper takes the following

  1. New Electromagnetism
  2. Ether model from New Gravity
  3. Hydrogen mass model from ne_hydrogen
  4. Improved Energy definitions from the graduate thesis
  5. Along with other developments which have never been released

And combines them in a different way than previously released to reveal a more coherent explanation of time, energy, matter and existence.

To be revealed:

  1. A more complete ether model.
  2. A more complete field model which explains how the ether "manifests" the different fields.
  3. A wave equation based on the ethereal propagation of light (including longitudinal modes)
  4. Models for electrons, protons, neutrons.
  5. Models for Hydrogen, H2 and Helium (others if time permits) that are more accurate than previously released.
  6. Improved model for gravity that explains "where the ether goes" (see New Gravity)

The expected release date is published in the New Releases section

The printed version will be $99.00.

Don't know if there will be a downloadable version yet.




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